Baden Powell

Actions without consultation are dangerous. Neither the public nor elected Councillors were consulted before this action was agreed by the Council. That feels wrong.

We recognise that decisions like these need sensible, grown up discussion – including the public. That’s why the Conservative Group are calling for a cross party working group, involving the community, to look at our cultural history as whole and make informed decisions on the best course of action. We need to recognise the sensitivities around many of our historical figures and need to look carefully at the pros and cons of such measures.

Furthermore, we are asking for clarity on whether this decision was at the insistence of Dorset Police. We should be asking the public first, not last. We look forward to hearing from the Leader, Vikki Slade, to see if she will agree with our call for a wider discussion on this issue and others.

One thought on “Baden Powell

  • Richard Carr

    Completely agree, this policy of scrubbing out what are today perceived as immoral practises is not only dangerous but a misguided approach to history.
    If we took this literally to all of history not just African slavery, then what would be left to educate our children? Should we tear down the Roman baths, built with slave labour? Should the pyramids in Egypt be removed built by Jewish slaves? Most races have been slaves to others at some time in history, even today most of the clothes that thousands of people by in Primark and queued for hours to buy on Monday we’re made by sweatshop labour, surely the intelligent approach would be to use our energy to eradicate slavery that exists today!

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