BCP Conservatives support in local initiatives via Central Government Bounce Back Grants…

Winton and Moordown traders in Bournemouth have joined forces and rebranded as BH9 Business Community (BH9).

They hope that by coming together it will ensure the very long high street linking the two communities – Wimborne Road – will get the attention they believe it deserves from local government.

Emma Martineau is Chair of BH9 Business Community and Carly Webster is Vice Chair.

Both are confident that uniting the two trading districts will benefit high street businesses, those operating off the high street and also people now working from home as well as the wider community.

As part of the government’s initiative to support the high street post-Covid, Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce (BCTC) has been awarded a one-off grant to re-develop or launch trading districts within the conurbation.

It is expected to directly benefit BH9.

Jacqui Rock, BCTC President, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to support businesses that are not currently part of the local BID campaigns, helping them create exciting synergy together and developing the area.”

Emma and Carly added: “We urge businesses in Winton and Moordown to support this initiative by supporting the role of BCTC and joining BH9 in developing our community of like-minded businesses and professionals, all based in the same geographical area.

“Without the area working together we simply cannot develop this and it is such a fantastic opportunity to use this one-off funding to help BH9 thrive.

“We must pull together for a better BH9.”

Wendy King, BCTC Trade Group Liaison Officer, said: “Meeting local businesses in BH9, and seeing how they are keen to work together to improve the area and put Winton and Moordown back on the map, is inspirational.

“We have some very enthusiastic individuals to make this happen.”

BH9 is holding a mulled wine evening for businesses interested in being involved.

It’s held on Thursday December 2 at St John’s Church, Moordown, from 6pm onwards.

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