Boscombe and Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan

The Boscombe & Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted by the Council at the end of last year. This followed 4 years of hard work by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and involved numerous public meetings and various consultation events leading to the submission of the draft Plan and its ratification in a local referendum.

Conservative councillor, Andy Jones said “A key component of the Plan is to protect the character and heritage of the Boscombe & Pokesdown area. Despite the Plan being in place we continue to see permitted development applications from owners/developers seeking to demolish period properties and replace them with often pokey and characterless blocks of flats. One such application received over 80 objections from residents!

The Neighbourhood Plan needs to be given more teeth so as to prevent the loss of such properties and for this reason I have asked the Head of Planning and Planning Portfolio Holder to pursue an Article 4 Direction for the whole area to prevent owners/developers from taking such measures. Such Directions are used to control works that could threaten the character of an area of acknowledged importance and can increase the public protection of designated and non-designated heritage assets and their settings. This has to be paramount in protecting the very essence of what the Boscombe & Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan is all about and the will of local people who voted for it in the referendum.”

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