Conservative Christchurch Councillor Peter Hall has criticised the cuts to the maintenance and street cleansing of Christchurch roads, which are part of BCP Council’s £600,000 worth of road maintenance cutbacks announced last month by the Council’s Liberal Democrat Cabinet Member for finance, Councillor David Brown.

Commenting on the issue, Councillor Hall said:

“It’s simply not good enough for the residents of Christchurch to see previously announced investment into street cleaning and maintenance scrapped. Little to no money has been spent on our town’s infrastructure since the beginning of the year. To learn that this is set to continue is very worrying indeed. On the back of a number of other disappointing failures for residents across Christchurch, from the loss of parking due to the Police Station redevelopment to being bottom of the list for any expenditure on our high streets, it really does seem as if we’re being forgotten.”

In their Budget Reset Paper, which the Conservatives presented to Cabinet on Wednesday, BCP Conservative Group Leader Drew Mellor says that they have a plan to make sure that these funds are not only not cut, but that funding would be increased in this area.

Councillor Mellor commented:

“We were pleased to see Full Council approve our motion to have our budget ideas considered by Cabinet. Due to our detailed plans to undertake Transformation properly, we have a credible way to increase spending in these vital areas, not cut them. It’s clear that aspects of Christchurch’s infrastructure have been ignored for too long. We have a plan to fund Christchurch’s concerns, not put them at the bottom of the heap which is clearly what the current administration feel is the only option for them.”

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