Cllr Mike Greene on Echo’s Wallisdown Road cycle lane poll

BEING pro-active travel does not mean being anti-car.

That’s the view of the leading member for transport at BCP Council, as discussions continue around cycle lanes in the conurbation.

Cllr Mike Greene, portfolio holder for transport and sustainability, has stated “being pro-active travel does not mean being anti-car” following the implementation of several projects focusing on improved cycle travel across the conurbation.

This comes after two new cycle lanes introduced in Wallisdown Road were criticised by some for being “unsightly” and “too big”.

However, a poll the Daily Echo ran online saw a landslide vote in favour of the A3049’s cycle lane style being implemented elsewhere in the area.

The question, ‘Should all new cycle lanes follow this design?’ drew just less than 12,500 responses.

A massive 94 per cent of those asked answered yes, while the remaining six per cent said no.

In response to the Daily Echo poll, Cllr Greene said: “We’re encouraged by the overall results of the poll showing strong support for the new cycleway designs.

“Our roads are too congested now and that is set to get worse if we do nothing. So we have to offer alternative ways of travelling locally.

“New cycle, walking and public transport infrastructure is all about sharing space so that people have the choice over how they travel, be it by car, bike, foot or public transport. We want to offer people safe, reliable and pleasant ways of travelling actively if they are able and choose to do so. That will allow some breathing space for those who cannot use other methods or who still want to use a car to do so.

“It is also important to point out that in offering this new safe space for those walking or cycling, Wallisdown Road still provides the same one lane for cars that it always has. There is no change to the number of motorised vehicles that can pass along it.

“Being pro-bike and pro-active travel does not mean being anti-car.

“Our own research showed that around three quarters of people felt that safer cycle routes and more segregated cycle lanes would be effective in enabling people to travel sustainably. And over two thirds of people agreed that the measures proposed for the Transforming Cities Fund programme would facilitate safer cycling.”

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