Conservatives Connecting

The Conservative Group of BCP Council are establishing a powerful, focussed and determined ‘Group’ to bring a strong Conservative-values influence on the new direction of the BCP Council which was created just one year ago to promote the interests and well-being of three great Towns that comprise the BCP Council conurbation.

A “circular Forum” of Conservative Councillors will bring all issues effecting Residents to the Group for a cross-Conurbation consensus of where BCP operations can and should be operating effectively and sustainably.

For example : The Environment Working Group, under the Chairmanship of the Shadow Portfolio Holder for Environment, Cllr Mark Anderson  have started examining aspects of BCP operations that Residents have questioned in effectiveness , efficiency and indeed perceived cost effectiveness as all Councils are required to progress towards lean business models while still keeping our fantastic Environment as a core priority.

The Conservative Group under Cllr Mellor firmly believe that the most important ‘Shareholders’ in BCP Council, its Residents, should and must have a “say” through their Conservative group representatives. It is through direct dialogue with the Council Tax Payers, those who live across this great Conurbation, those who really know where BCP excels and where , with new insight brought to the table by the Conservative Group , “issues” great and small can be addressed quickly and efficiently. To aid this conversation the BCP Conservative Group are today launching a digital offering including a new website where you can sign up to receive updates as well as dedicated Twitter and Facebook accounts so let’s start talking, let’s start communicating. Join in.

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