Illegal Campfire
Illegal campfires, camping and littering at our beauty spots could be protected by new PSPOs

Following the successful deployment in many Councils across the country of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), the Conservative Group on BCP Council are calling for urgent funding into an array of PSPOs across the BCP area to help enforcement issues.

Commenting on the plan, which could be funded by the alternate budget proposals included in the Conservative’s Budget Reset paper which will be considered the Liberal Democrat-led Cabinet on Wednesday, Councillor May Haines, Shadow Cabinet Member for Community Safety said:

“Residents are emailing and telling us on a daily basis that they’ve had enough with nothing being done to enforce bad or unsociable behaviour across our towns. Previous Councils have used PSPOs in the past, such as the PSPO to tackle aggressive begging in Poole Town Centre, but now is the time to step up.

Councils such as Torbay use PSPOs to protect their areas of outstanding beauty from such things as dangerous campfires, littering, and illegal camping. We should seriously consider this for our own beauty spots. Furthermore, these orders can be used extremely successfully to stop anti-social behaviour in our town centres in their tracks, which will be vital as we try and boost our high streets as we emerge from the COVID pandemic.”

Funding for the Conservatives’ suggested plan would be possible due to their revised budget proposals which will be submitted to the Liberal Democrat-led Council’s Cabinet on Wednesday 29th July. It includes a £70,000 provision for two extra CSAS officers to police the new PSPO areas, along with £12,000 to facilitate the necessary public consultations around the schemes.

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