Enough is enough

Following a number of high profile failures across the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area, combined with yet another resignation from an independent Councillor from the controlling Unity Alliance, a cross-party coalition of councillors led by the Conservative Group have put forward a vote of no confidence to be considered by the Council at its next meeting of 15th September.

Commenting on the decision, the Conservative Group Leader, Councillor Drew Mellor, explained:

“The latest resignation from the controlling multi-party alliance has placed the council into a precarious position, which needs resolving. It’s clear now that we need stronger leadership across the Conurbation than we have experienced to date. The resignation statement from Councillor Julie Bagwell, who having served with her during her time on Poole Council is someone with great integrity and commitment to her residents, makes the situation clear: there has been a “continued catalogue of catastrophic policy decisions, which are causing constant distress to so many residents”.

We are now in the position where the Alliance have no majority to make the tough decisions needed and through their lack of consultation regarding a number of high profile failures have lost the trust of many residents and businesses across our area.”

Regarding the next steps, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group Councillor Philip Broadhead commented:

“As we have promised before, we will continue to offer to work with Councillors irrespective of partisan politics to find ways of delivering the services that our towns deserve. That offer remains open and honest. However, as we are now clearly the largest Group on the Council, it is our duty to step up to what our residents voted for us to do – to offer leadership. What we need now is stability, reassurance and strategic direction. The time for ideologically driven schemes propelled by the idea that “we know best” is firmly over”.

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