Fly Tipping

Councillor Mark Anderson, the BCP Conservative Shadow portfolio holder for the Environment, is calling on BCP Council to allow residents to put out extra recycling for collection in a bid to cut down on the increasing instances of fly-tipping and bonfires.

Highlighting an increase in people now buying mail order and then not being able to legally dispose of the packaging, Cllr Anderson said “ several of my residents have already asked me how can they get rid of this excess waste legally” he went on to say “if some BCP residents are asking how can they dispose of this legally, how many are already dumping illegally?”

The Queen’s Park Ward Councillor is now pushing the council to allow residents to put out the extra recycling they are accumulating in this current crisis. He said that the BBC is reporting an increase in fly tipping across the country with some areas reporting increases in fly tipping of instances of over 75%. Locally this has now been reported in Millhams Lane Cherry Trees Nursey and also by the car park at Two Rivers meet Christchurch.

Local MPs have also raised concerns with Bournemouth East MP, Tobias Elwood, recently tweeting that he had written to BCP Council to ask for the recycling centres to be opened for a trial period. Cllr Mellor, leader of the Conservative Group on BCP Council added “we fully respect the needs for social distancing and the Government’s clear “stay at home” message but significant extra home waste is being generated by the lockdown and we need a solution to support Residents here. At some point the recycling centres will open so we should be looking now at how we are going to do that safely, be that a booking system or other safe way of operating.
In the meantime we are asking the council to allow residents to place one extra bag or box of recyclable rubbish out with their normal recycling bin, much as happens over Christmas, this will hopefully reduce the waste residents are accumulating and remove the need for them to have bonfires or to illegally dump rubbish. “

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