Health Scrutiny

Lead Conservative Councillor for Adults and Health, Karen Rampton, “astonished” by lack of Health Scrutiny.

“These are unprecedented times for the health and social care system, and an overview of how the local system is coping has never been more important.
We need to know how services for care homes, mental health services, carers, and people with disabilities to name just a few are being supported. And with the major part of the BCP budget already allocated to Adult Social Care – and rising – just what are the implications of Covid 19 on the overall Council budget for the tax payer going forward?
Meetings can legally be held virtually using Skype so there is no risk to any committee member.

We’d like to work in a supportive and cooperative way with the LibDem led administration, but their apparent unwillingness to engage, provide assurance and allow concerns to be raised by the Committee that there are robust mechanisms in place to protect our most vulnerable residents makes it clear that Health and Social care scrutiny isn’t that high on their agenda which is astonishing during this crisis.

Despite repeated appeals to the Chair of Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny, the meeting has been cancelled with no future dates in the diary.”

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