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As a member, you can play an active role in the Party, from attending Conservative Party Conference and taking part in local campaign groups to choosing who the candidates who’ll stand in local and parliamentary elections and voting in leadership elections.

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Become a Councillor?

Being a Councillor can be an incredibly rewarding community role and we would love to hear from anyone who would like to understand more about that role and the selection process. CONTACT US

Do I have the time to be a councillor?

Being a councillor works around you day to day life, many of our councillors have work and family commitments as well as other hobbies. You will receive all the support you need to become a councillor and successfully balance your everyday with becoming a councillor.

Are you a conservative who wants to improve your local area?

Are there things about your local area you’d like to change? Do you think local people like you should decide what is best for them? Well then you already have something in common with our existing councillors!

If so, you are the ideal person to become a Conservative councillor

We love getting new councillors, they mean new, fresh, and exciting ideas and ample enthusiasm and those qualities are what help to improve your local area. Being a councillor gives you the opportunity to help your local area and be part of a team which provides key services and improvements.

Do I know enough to stand for election?

Don’t underestimate yourself, every councillor has something different to offer the council and you aren’t expected to take on direct responsibility for running the council immediately. The only qualifications you need are motivation to change your area for the better and a willingness to learn; the rest will follow!